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News for the Wolf's Lair and Game Servers.
Website : Servers Back Online
Posted by Whisky on 2014/3/30 0:00:00 (4523 reads)

Servers Back Online

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Website : Server Crash
Posted by Whisky on 2014/3/29 20:00:13 (6131 reads)

Server Crash

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Website : Teamspeak 3 Maintenance
Posted by Whisky on 2014/3/25 17:53:43 (5689 reads)

Required Maintenance
Please Read

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Website : KF Modded Servers : Down and Out
Posted by Whisky on 2013/10/24 11:00:00 (6034 reads)

KF Modded Servers : Down and Out

Whisky here folks and I'm afraid I have some bad news regarding our beloved KF Modded Servers...

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Website : TeamSpeak Update
Posted by Whisky on 2013/9/12 1:09:18 (6364 reads)

The WPC TEAMSPEAK Server is getting an update so some functionality will be lacking. But worry not, our crack team (of one) is working hard at getting it back up to speed.
If you find any problems please contact Whisky

Posted by Sinwars on 2012/11/2 21:30:00 (8167 reads)

Thanks to Hemi and Whisky servers 3(Classic) and 5(Deadspace) are now back up and running as normal. Good work guys, Cheers.

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Website : DayZ Server Issues and Rollback
Posted by Whisky on 2012/8/5 3:34:55 (7204 reads)

SERVER Issues and Rollback

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Website : DayZ Server Update
Posted by Whisky on 2012/7/27 17:50:00 (7860 reads)


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Website : Server Update
Posted by Whisky on 2012/7/24 23:50:00 (8026 reads)

Straight From The WPC Servers

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Website : FIXED: [[[[****ISSUES WITH THE FORUMS****]]]]
Posted by Webley on 2010/2/18 13:10:00 (8948 reads)

There currently is maintenance work on-going at our forums so you maybe having issues, you can still use the chat box here

requires you to login!

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Website : New Private Forum added
Posted by MrShad on 2010/2/14 15:40:00 (8427 reads)

I have taken the liberty of creating a new sub-forum called [WPC] Tactical Command. Here is the place to discuss clan tactics for upcoming matches, post practice schedules or simply share our experiences to our younger cubs. If you are WPC member and cant access, PM me or any fo the Administrators.

Hopefully it will become a repository of useful information on how to best defeat any enemy in any given situation.

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Website : The new news module!
Posted by Webley on 2010/2/13 22:30:00 (7600 reads)


By hovering over the news button you will have the option to submit your own news for the front page! It will have to be of course approved by an admin, and hell, i might even re-word a little of it to make you look grammatically correct if your an imbecile  - but thats because im a nice guy :) - jokes aside i hope this will make our front pages look more spectacular! So even if you think its half intresting, write it up, or copy and paste it with a source link and send it!

Please note at the bottom of the form (if you have rights to publish news) to specify the time or you might not see it appear till the next day - also as a side note i have removed rights for annoymous and standard registered users to be able to publish news which maybe pronographic or possibly death threats as a result to my awesome sauce with predator - wolves however should be able to publish and anyone above 

Website : New Website Theme underway!
Posted by Webley on 2010/2/12 15:40:00 (7441 reads)

As you can see the website is under going re-vamp

If you have any issues with anything please remember to state what browser and version you are using, wether its pc/mac/ps3 or xbox and to give us as much details as you can on the issue.

If you have any ideas or anything to contribute to the colours, images or anything else then please post them here: ... topic.php?topic_id=39&;forum=2