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Clan competitions announces, reports and results.
Competitions : GRAND FINAL!
Posted by Whisky on 2014/5/24 12:39:52 (5245 reads)

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Competitions : WPC Grand Tournament 1 & miniComp
Posted by Whisky on 2014/5/6 18:20:00 (6818 reads)

Read on for details on the WPC Grand Tournament and new miniCompetitio.
I'll also explain that bizzare logo ;) 

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Competitions : WPC Grand Tournament 1 & miniComp
Posted by Whisky on 2014/4/30 23:40:00 (6341 reads)

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Competitions : ENTRIES NOW CLOSED!
Posted by Whisky on 2014/4/16 21:50:00 (6780 reads)


Payday 2 miniCompetition results are in, more after the jump.

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Competitions : WPC Grand Tournament
Posted by Whisky on 2014/4/9 11:30:00 (6934 reads)

Roll up! Roll up! For the greatest show in the world!

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Competitions : Death By Flying Urinal Round 3
Posted by Whisky on 2012/1/20 14:10:00 (7985 reads)

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Competitions : Death By Flying Urinal Round 2
Posted by Whisky on 2011/11/18 19:03:05 (7890 reads)

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Competitions : Competitions > X-LR clan battle details
Posted by Hemi on 2010/8/13 18:58:29 (8254 reads)

Hello Wolves,

As some of you may know we swapped the Clan we are 'fighting' against to X-LR for a few reasons, One we have played with them before they are good and reliable also the Ryjin clan havnt contacted me in over a week and i really wanted to get a match going before i go on holiday and sunday is basically the last chance

Right here we go details:

Our team : Dazoo, Woody, Bryanna, Ganchan
Subs/back up: Jingle, Fizo? Webley.
Date and time : Sunday 15th of august 8 PM (GMT) Roughly 3PM (eastern)

4 rounds
2 maps (they will be decided in lobby)
First two round We play as Predators Vs Aliens
Third and Fourth rounds we play as aliens! (finally)
60 frags (kills)
No time limit


Play fair!
No bitching!
Predators connot use Plasma Casters ( this is for them too )

Server name and password will be posted in the private forum here on sunday

I will arange some back ups too! But hopefully the team can all make it

Good look wolves!

Competitions : Clan Competition and Scores
Posted by Buzz on 2010/4/14 0:30:00 (8947 reads)

Hello Wolves,

Sorry for the delay on publishing the results of the Obituary Report clan battle, any way here they are:

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Competitions : [IMPORTANT] PC Clan Battle the details
Posted by Zeeky on 2010/4/9 22:35:29 (8149 reads)

Hey Wolves:

Right heres all the details the team will need to know for the upcoming PC Scrimm.

Team: Webley, Buzz, Bryanna and Ganchan
Possible Subs: Tic, Thomasdean28

Opposition: Obituary | Report ( For website and forums click here)
Oppositions Team: O|R Shadow Hermit, Antagoniser, Metalcoholic and Cyndr.

Date of match: Sunday 11th April 2010
Times: 5PM (Eastern)10PM (GMT) and 11PM (Continental Europe)

Sever Name: [WPC] /Match/
Password: match1

Match Details:
8 Players
3 Rounds of Mixed Species Team Death Match ( To keep things simple for our first match)
First Round: Ruins
Second Round: Jungle
Third Round: Gate Way
Score Limit is 75

Right heres a few small rules:
Play Fair ( no cheating )
The occasional laugh or comment about a kill is ok but no abusive taunting (keep on these guys good side and we should get many more games)
Play as a team
(and heres a tip that will hopefully make you guys win have a mixed team that has the best of all three worlds)

Right make this match go smoothly guys i've worked my ass of for your benefit do not let me down!

Competitions : [IMPORTANT] Four Player Clan competition
Posted by Zeeky on 2010/4/6 11:50:00 (8352 reads)

Hey Wolves,

I have finally got a response from the clan Obituary Report and they are very keen on playing us in WEEKLY competitions.

I have made the suggestion (Thanks too Snooze) that we host the match on a different plaform each week feel free to comment give on any thoughts on the weekly game idea. Starting with the PC version so...

Calling all PC playing Wolves we need a four player team to participate in the first test match. I have not sorted out the details of the match yet but please comment here if you interested in being part of our four players.

You can read the conversation in their forums...

More updates coming soon...

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