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All the news about the Wolf Pack clan's community.
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Community : [WPC] AvP2 Skins
Posted by MacCabbe on 2010/3/4 6:00:00 (10211 reads)

The [WPC] is proud to offer you a few pics of our former AvP2 skins, freshly dug from the grave! When the clan was formed, all agreed that we needed an identity of our own. So, along with the first site, we decided to design our own clan skins. Since, at that time, the clan was participating in tournaments playing Predators and Marines, this is where we decided our efforts would go. Two artists quickly joined the effort: Main Gauche as lead designer, assisted by the talented Warlock.

Click to enlarge

They made the effort to design skins for all of the species’ classes, and added the Exosuit on top. The visual concept adopted for the predators was a medieval one. We stressed the bone elements existing on the looks, and changed all the rest for steel plates, chainmail and tribal tattoos. Marines were offered a badass revamp… Harrison became a mean looking mofo with scars all over. Jones was turned into a voodoo warrior. Johnson was designed as a mean bitch with outrageous makeup and beer cans on the belt! And finally, we made Ichiro look more like a ninja. Siberian cammo galore !

Click to enlargeMacCabbe supervised the team efforts and took pics of the awesome results.

  • Exosuit
  • Harrisson
  • Ichiro
  • Johnson
  • Jones
  • Predator
  • Heavy Predator
  • Light Predator
  • Assault Predator









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    Community : Snooze begins our journey + AVP PC patch released!
    Posted by Webley on 2010/3/2 1:00:00 (6200 reads)

    Welcome all.

    Been a while since I put anything here:

    Snooze has taken on the role of our Moon Howler. If you havent crossed one of these mysterious wolves before then i should warn you, their imaginations run wild with the pen. Without giving too much away, expect to soon be reading some creative wolf pack literature on behalf of snooze and possibly another lil surprise which i will not mention here.

    Please give her a warm welcome howl!

    On that note I have added a story telling forum where you can role-play, discuss your ingame stories or submit ideas to snooze for the wolf pack series. Even feel free to write your own fantasy stories if you wish here! (Members only I'm afraid!)

    Secondly i was giving the new AVP PC patch a once over, rank match making is greatly improved. When games finish the players stay in the same lobby and the next game starts seconds after keeping it fluent and more fun. Not once did I come across a game that the host dropped either (Maybe luck was on my side here).

    PS3 users should also be aware of a known issue here if your having problems playing games online or offline

    And some other surprises lay around to be discovered by you all.

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    Community : [WPC] Blaze - last howl!
    Posted by Solo on 2010/2/28 16:17:02 (6423 reads)

    [WPC] Blaze is going to leave us soon. And what better way then to do this in Aliens versus Predator 2. The game that got us all together will also serve as the game in wich we say goodbye to a good friend. This Wednesday and Thursday, 20.00 London Timezone we meet up in the WPC server (thanx Buzz!), and kill some...oldscool!

    Blaze wont leave us entirely offcourse, and we will see him pop-up once in a while on the forums.

    Good luck m8, from all of us. HOWL!!!

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    Posted by Webley on 2010/2/20 0:30:00 (5879 reads)

    So this site is rapidly growing again, and after 8 years i can tell you im alot more busy to be able to keep on top of it all

    I would like old members to step up for the following jobs before i re-write the code of conduct - if you are already doing this job please reconfirm yourself and your position here.

    I need confirmation of names and jobs you are currently doing or wish to apply for asap as nothing is crystal clear right now (as we are re-adjusting)


    • artists
    • recruitment officers (high/critical)
    • long fangs (please can we get the rank changed for ppl like blaze to reflect this)
    • community admins / moderators
    • battle/clan war organisers
    • founders (covered, awaiting cartmans reply, also included to post news and manage the community and the lower ranks shown)
    • story writer (low priority)
    • server/teamspeak/ventrilo admin (buzz)

    Important issues - I'm getting alot of questions RE: old members re-applying and new members - can we please enroll all new active members asap to have rights as a wolf - and can we please start telling old wolves that they can join without application - they will need a reference to an active member that remembers them as a "returning wolf" so they can be "re-united"

    i.e., i remember main_gauche - accepted by webley

    If there is a certain case where your not sure please pm me

    If old members are returning please can you confirm by pm to me that you wish to rejoin and the referance to the active members name - shown on our roaster list -

    (if your not on this list but should be pm me)

    If you are an old member and revisiting but dont wish to join please make this clear so we can ensure all old members get back in to the clan asap - pm me for now until recruitment officers are clearly defined

    If you are a recruitment officer and not sure about certain members or what to do then please pm me asap - when i re-write the new code of conduct, guidelines will clearly be defined for you to follow in future case, but right now we just need to keep ontop via communication.

    Members only can join on this forum topic.

    If you are not yet a member, please bare with us for the next few days as we are re-structuring the community to help and answer your questions more effeciently

    If not sure, who ever you are, pm me


    If you have a job, please post an update on your situation - examples

    i.e. buzz, server admin, awaiting dedicated server files to be released - need assistance with voice server

    ie. shad, recruitment - accepted the following members for membership, these other members still under trial, these members are returning members and have been accepted by #.

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    Community : [WPC] Shadow Spirit - My side of the Interview
    Posted by MrShad on 2010/2/17 12:00:00 (5666 reads)

    Getting to know the personal side of you friendly and mentaly divergent Moderator...

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    Community : [WPC] Webley - Interview
    Posted by Webley on 2010/2/16 14:30:00 (15986 reads)


    Click here to read the whole interview

    whats your name? and why did you choose a name like that for?

    Webley... well, this is kind of revealing to my impulse driven nature and psychotic mind – I played counter strike for a bit, i was only 14, loved being a sniper, so for some reason that lead me to buying an air rifle – who says computer games don’t lead to violence? Hahah, im 26 now, and for your info i only ever did target shooting (shooting coins at 26 yards for accuracy, killing animals was never something i was into, i only bought it in-case someone tried to plant a bomb in my house and camp round a corner) – The manufacturer was Webley Air rifles – thats it J


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    Community : [WPC] Hemi : Interview
    Posted by Hemi on 2010/2/16 10:30:00 (7209 reads)

    Click here to read the whole Interview -

    whats your name? and why did you choose a name like that for?

    When I started DJ'ing I used the name Hemisphere since I was spinning intelligent drum n bass. Later I jumped ship to the harder stuff like Bad Company / Cause 4 Concern / Noisia etc etc and it became Hemicrania (wich means chronic headpains...nice eh). I still use Hemicrania (cous nobody seems to bother and register it with things like psn/hotmail etc) but always liked the shorter version. Hemi is the name I used when I joined the clan back in ermmm...(help me Blaze, hehe) 2004? And its also a nice powerful engine! 

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    Community : [WPC] Buzz : My interview
    Posted by Buzz on 2010/2/13 15:40:00 (5608 reads)

      Here we go...

      I hope its not to boring.........I went a little somthing like this.


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    Community : [WPC] Blaze - My interview
    Posted by Blaze on 2010/2/13 15:30:00 (5836 reads)

    Well guys here it is, not that interesting i guess lol

    Click on read more for details...


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